Chia seeds

selected from the best productions at competitive price.

About our Company

We produce, process and import into Europe our own organic and conventional chia seed. It comes from our fields in Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. Our production meets the most stringent quality standards.


We are integrated downstream in all the value chain production, processing and trading so we can maintain a higher control in all the quality procedures incorporating high end technologies and applying the knowledge in a continuous improvement program.

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About Chia

It is one of the natural products with a high concentration of Omega3 and a broad range of antioxidants. It is also a source of important nutrients, proteins, aminoacids,vitamins, minerals and fiber, it is gluten free.

The Chia (Salvia hispánica) was one of the main food of the ancient Aztecas due to the nutritional qualities of its seed.


Chia is considered as a superfood, meaning, a complete food and therefore consumed as a complement in the whole world.

Our Product

From our fields to our process facilities and direct from Buenos Aires, Arica or Asuncion  port to your country.

As chia is a natural product consumed directly by humans we pay special attention to follow up the harmlessness and we are able to trace back the story of each seed we process.

We offer a full range from conventional to the purest organic Chia with a maximum purity and lowest humidity.


In our plant the process of cleaning and selection of the seeds upto its packing counts with innovative technology that separates all foreing particles and results in a quality with a purity of 99.9+%


Traceability is assured with a program of identification of batches that allows us to recall the origin of each seed.


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